Ukrainian Academy Afterschool Program is a multi-aged program geared to meet the developmental needs of children from kindergarten through 5th grade.

We believe each child is unique; therefore, we aim to meet their physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs.  These needs will be met based on the child’s interests, abilities, culture, and learning style.

Goals and Objectives:
1. Foster young imaginations and creativity.
2. Promote good nutrition and health.
3. Encourage respect for each other’s’ feelings, opinions, and personal property.
4. To be role models for positive relationships – student to teacher, teacher to teacher, teacher to parent – to increase the children’s confidence and self-awareness.
5. Support and strengthen the family unit by focusing on communication among friends and family, and increasing the children’s sense of community with other families.

Ukrainian Academy Afterschool Program is based on The Cincy Afterschool curriculum.  The Cincy Afterschool Program incorporates the Ohio department of Education’s Academic Standards.

Each month of the year has a specific theme as well as suggested activities.
September       Tribes
October             Healthy Habits
November        Heroes and Heroines
December         Celebrations
January             Cultures of the World
February           Local Cultures
March                 Work and Play
April                    The Environment
May                      Making a Difference


Ukrainian Academy Afterschool Program provides transportation to and from schools.